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Role Playing Rules

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Role Playing Rules

Post  Kit on Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:29 pm

When you role play on Your pal, follow these rules.

Do not say you auto hit someone, let them decide. But if you are being somewhat attacked, do not always dodge all the time. *
Be fair to all members role playing with you.
Do not control other players*, whether it might be he didn't listen or he was hit.
You may choose a selected amount of players to join your topic, but do not reject them. Ask them nicely to leave, and tell them why.

*- If you are fighting a player who is not owned by any user, but used as a rag doll character, you may choose what damage and such. You may also control what they do, if you are the one who created the rag doll.

Rag doll- A character in the role play controlled by no one, the user who created the rag doll chooses what he/she does. User who created Rag doll control the Rag doll.

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